Shop Display Lighting

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Colour, colour, colour – but never mind the flowers for a moment…

With shop display lighting it’s vital to get the colour of your light correct. In this florist shop see how the correct colour is being used to enhance the beauty of the flowers and make them really stand out. For techie types, this is called 2700k.

To further enhance the display directional spotlights have been used to control the light directly onto the product for sale.  An additional benefit with spots is that they can be rotated to illuminate as the display changes. The customer here will be in no doubt what is for sale.

Increase your sales with Shop Display Lighting by Protek Lighting Design

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Retail Display Lighting

Retail Lighting, Protek Lighting Design Oxford

Retail lighting is so important to get right. Get it wrong and you will lose sales. It’s that simple.

You can increase your sales with Retail Lighting from Protek Lighting Design. The key point is to illuminate the product you want to sell. The cove lighting in this picture shows very clearly by  that the products on the rails are for sale. Furthermore, overhead spot lights illuminate the gondolas and mannequins. Simple but effective!

There’s no need to illuminate the till and fire exit – they won’t produce any revenue.

Increase your sales with Retail Lighting by Protek Lighting Design

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Hospitality Lighting

Protek Lighting Design Oxford

With no walls or ceiling to attach anything to, and a busy floor,  this is a lighting design challenge.

We have the solution – hospitality lighting to compliment every setting. The double stand lights with modern shades to compliment the décor have been chosen and installed between the seating areas. They simply plug in. It’s important to get hospitality lighting just right for the setting. Taking a little extra time to ensure the correct size of lamp, this area has been transformed to illuminate the seating area, highlight the rustic walls and provide overall ambient light.


Hospitality Lighting to compliment every setting

from Protek Lighting Design.

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Bedroom Lighting

Protek Lighting Oxford

Ever hauled yourself up in bed by grabbing the light fitting?

It happens all the time in hotels where swing-arm lights have been installed. Instead this contemporary light fitting is hard to use as a handle and is neatly flushed back to the wall when switching off.

Bedroom Lighting to compliment any hospitality or domestic setting

by Protek Lighting Design.

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Domestic Lighting

Protek lighting design, Oxford

Correct domestic lighting can create a fantastic ambiance.

In this example you will see that there are no wall or overhead lights. An overall ambience is created by cleverly concealed low-level uplights behind opal panels.

When the fire is lit there is a symmetry between the flames going up and the light panels.

For further flexibility the panels are, of course, dimmable.

Create ambiance with Domestic Lighting by Protek Lighting Design

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Domestic Lighting Effects

Protek Lighting Design Oxford


Focal points can look dramatic when correctly lit.

The use of a contemporary wall spot is used in this shot not only to focus on the table but as an interesting backlight to the plant.

Create dramatic effects with Domestic Lighting by Protek Lighting Design

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Bathroom Lighting

Bathroom Lighting By Protek Lighting Design OxfordIt’s easy to over-do your bathroom lighting.

Protek Lighting Oxford

With bathroom lighting, the area requiring bright illumination is above and at the sides the mirror to light your face evenly. Other areas in the room should be subtle, relaxing and controllable. Why not incorporate a waterproof dimmer to control two or three sets of lights? Remember – lighting the toilet pan isn’t necessary – it’s rarely your bathroom’s best feature!




Create a relaxing atmosphere with Bathroom Lighting

by Protek Lighting Design

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Reception Lighting

Protek Lighting Design Oxford

Defining areas to be welcoming is so important whether it’s in a bar or at home.

Here’s how to create the warmest welcome with Reception Lighting. These two examples show the point of welcome and reception and give great examples of how to welcome your guest. They almost say, “here we are”,  or “this way to enjoy”.

Grouping of such lighting is best with a minimum of three lights.  Try experimenting with different strengths of bulb and beam angles to highlight flowers and other features.

Protek Lighting Design Oxford

Reception Lighing by Protek Lighting Design, Oxford











Create the warmest welcome with Reception Lighting

by Protek Lighting Design

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