Protek Lighting Design Oxford

Hospitality Lighting

How to create an overall ambient light.

With no walls or ceiling to attach anything to, and a busy floor, this is a lighting design challenge. But we have the solution –

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Protek Lighting Design, Oxford

Bedroom Lighting

How to use correct lighting to compliment any bedroom setting.

Ever hauled yourself up in bed by grabbing the light fitting? It happens all the time in hotels where swing-arm lights have been installed. Here’s the answer –

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Bathroom Lighting By Protek Lighting Design

Bathroom Lighting

How to create a relaxing atmosphere.

So often bathrooms can be over lit. The main area requiring illumination is the mirror at the sides or above for the use of the usual ablutions.

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Reception Lighting By Protek Lighting Design Oxford

Reception Lighting

How to create the warmest welcome.

Defining areas to be welcoming is so important whether it’s in the home or a bar. Here’s how to create the warmest welcome with Reception Lighting.

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