A six step process for achieving the very best in light.

Lighting is a complex area, with ambience, mood, feel, practicality and aesthetics all requiring careful consideration.

Each aspect affects the others, and it’s easy to get wrong. As experts in light, you can rely on us to get it right.

No matter how adventurous your ideas or specific your details, we can design, source, deliver and install a lighting system that truly reflects your vision.

The 6 steps to perfect lighting

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1. Plan for light2. Use light to create mood3. Make a statement with light4. Consider the people factor5. Gain ultimate control6. Introduce drama

1. Plan for light

As an integral part of your space, your lighting scheme needs careful consideration at the very start of your project. By designing the lighting at the same time as the walls, doors, electrics and plumbing, we ensure the scheme becomes a seamless part of your environment.

The benefits of this approach can be seen above in the use of subtle but striking concealed ceiling lighting.

2. Use light to create mood

The intensity and hue of your lighting scheme sets the tone for your space and affects how people feel within it. Consider how the warm glow of a table lamp feels more relaxing than the blue-white light of a desk lamp. By considering the functionality of your space we can design in the ambience.

3. Make a statement with light

Use light to highlight architectural features or statement design pieces, further enhancing their impact, like the under-lighting  under the kitchen island in the photo above. Highlighting one or two areas of a room can introduce intrigue and drama, making the overall effect far more interesting.

4. Consider the people factor

Protek Lighting Design Oxford Your environment should suit the way you want to use it. For example,  introduce task lighting where appropriate to assist with work or hobbies that require focused concentration as seen over the desk in the photo above.

Correctly placed spotlights highlight areas and create overall ambience without causing glare.  Ensure that the lights are subtle and appropriate from every angle.

5. Gain ultimate control

Protek Lighting Oxford Precision controls allow you to change the lighting to suit how you want to use your rooms, maximising the available space. Simply by changing the lighting you can switch the mood from focused to calm, dramatically changing the ambience of your environment. And you can choose how you want to control the lights; wall switches, remote controls, or even from your tablet or smartphone.

6. Introduce drama

Protek Lighting Design Oxford ‘Well-lit’ does not mean a high intensity, constant level of illumination everywhere.  Use light to shape your space, defining key areas to bring your environment to life. Build in pockets of light to introduce intrigue and drama, providing a contrast to the rest of the room.

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